User Access Levels


There are three levels of user in RequestTrackerPro, each with varying levels of access and control over your deployment:

  • User: ground-level customer support agent. Can respond to and create customer tickets and use many customer-facing features, but very little access to admin controls.
  • Manager: supervisor-level support agent. Can do everything that Users can, but can also see additional data about ticket responses, create new users, and rules.
  • Admin: administrator-level support agent, with full control over every aspect of a RequestTrackerPro deployment.

Consult the table below for a comprehensive list of what each role can do.

Admin and Management Settings



User Management

Department Management

Heatmap Management

Rule Management

Queue Management


Category Management


Create Bulletins


API & SMS Management


Session Timeout


See Logged In Users


Canned Response Management

Edit, but not create


Additionally, some features in RequestTrackerPro are available only to admins and managers, but not to user agents. Consult the table below for a list of what features each user level can access.


Admins & Managers


Home Data Panel




Create Ticket

Take Call

Follow Up Calendar

Subscribe List

Task List

Edit, but not create

My Canned Response




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