How Heatmaps Work


This article explains how heatmaps work. You can also learn how to:

The heatmap feature gives support tickets a color depending on how old they are, and is a great way for your agents to be able to prioritize tickets at a glance.

When looking at a queue, the ticket’s ID field is given a specific color depending on how old it is. For example, a ticket that was created within the last 30 minutes might be green, between 30 and 59 minutes orange, and older than 60 minutes red.

Heatmaps automatically apply to all of your existing queues.

Note that changing your heatmap settings may take a little while to update, but you can log out and log back in to RequestTrackerPro to speed up the process.

  • Green: #1cdb32 at 30 minutes.
  • Orange: #ff9000 at 90 minutes.
  • Red: #ff0000 at 180 minutes.


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