How Bulletins Work


This article explains how bulletins work, and some good ways to use them. You can also learn how to:

Bulletins are a fantastic way to keep your user agents up to date on critical information, provide key context for important issues, or even just serve as reminders for your staff.

Bulletins are directly attached to specific queues, and appear at the very top of each relevant queue. Note that although you can make as many bulletins as you want, each bulletin can only appear above a single queue.

Some great use cases for bulletins include:

  • Downtime notices
  • Sales promotions
  • Critical bug / bugfix notices
  • New contact email address/phone numbers

After a bulletin is no longer needed, it can be deleted — but it can also be restored again. You can take advantage of this feature to keep a handful of bulletins that you might need to use repeatedly, but not constantly.

You can see which bulletins are currently active, and which have been deleted, from the Bulletin Management screen under the Status column:

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