Create, Edit, or Restore a Bulletin


This article explains how to create, edit, or restore bulletins. Before getting started here, it might be helpful to learn more about how bulletins work.

Create a New Bulletin

  1. Click the Admin Menu button, and select Bulletin Management.
  2. Click the Add New Bulletin button.
  3. Click the Queue dropdown menu, and select which queue you want this bulletin to appear in.
  4. Enter the bulletin message.
  5. Click Create.

You can see how the bulletin appears by looking at the appropriate queue. For example, if you created a service outage bulletin for the Tech Support queue, it would appear like this:

Delete or Restore a Bulletin

Once the issue is resolved, the promotion ended, or the bulletin is no longer needed, you can delete it from the Bulletin Management screen.

To delete a bulletin, click the delete button .

After a bulletin has been deleted, it can be restored by clicking the restore button .


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