Create a Queue


This article explains how to create a new queue and what each of the options do. 

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Create a Queue

  1. To create a new queue, first click on the Admin Menu button and select Queue Management.
  2. Click Add New Queue.
  3. Fill out each of the fields in the Create Queue window:

    Name: the name for this queue. This name appears only to your agents and does not to customers.

    Queue Level: queues in RequestTrackerPro appear in descending order, based on the level input here. Your most important queue should be level 1, second most important level 2, and so on. Note that queues can be given the same queue level.

    Queue Friendly Name: the name that your customers will see when interacting with this queue.

    Queue Email Address: the first part of an email address. For example, if this queue will handle incoming tickets sent to [email protected], then enter support here. Then, select in the dropdown list. You can have additional domain addresses added to your organization by contacting [email protected].

    Use My Mail Servers Option: click this box to use your own email servers. This will allow your outgoing emails to appear to originate from your servers directly instead of a third-party service. You may need to contact your email administrator for this information, but please feel free to contact us at [email protected] for additional help.

    Queue SMS Number: if you have an SMS account configured, you can enter it here. Note that SMS configuration can be completed after the Guided Setup is complete.

    Signature Tag Line, Website to Use in Signature, and Phone Number for Signature: when an agent responds to a ticket in this queue, the information in these fields will appear in the sent email.

    Here is the format for email signatures:

    Best regards,

    Agent name

    Signature tag line,

    Email address for this queue

    Signature tag line

    Phone number

    Here is an example of how the email signature will look in an outgoing email:

    Best regards

    John C.

    This is our signature line.

    [email protected]


    User: Click here to add user agents who can see and access tickets in this queue.

    Department: Click here to add departments who can see and access tickets in this queue.

    Take Call Content: When your agents take a customer call from this queue, the information entered in the Take Call Content box will appear on their screen. You can use this for a variety of different purposes for different queues, and is best used to create a set of standards for all agents to follow. This can help ensure that the right questions are asked at the right time, and prevents key information from being missed when helping customers.

  4. Once you’re finished, click Create.



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